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Finding my lost drop spindle inspired the physical form of Seidr. As an assemblage sculptor it is an instinctual choice which objects I select, knowing it will be used or passed on, but not knowing when. I look to symbolism of the craft, devotional movement, the cosmic dance, effects of the elements, and the nature of fate. 

2 months before the Covid 19 shut downs my life as I knew it dissolved. By way of letting go and transforming, I have spun materials from that time into the spindle forms. As an outdoor kinetic installation, Seidr is not moved by mechanical forces, but instead by the elements. The house that is suspended from a spindle is akin to the transient nature of security, the weight of our attachments, and sense of self. In the back are bells, ringers from rotary telephones. In meditation, ringing bells act to focus one's attention, and “clear the air”. 

Informed by stories of the Three Fates spinning, cutting and weaving the threads of life, Norse practice of Seidr (ritual of weaving events in to the fabric of fate), Baltic myth of Saule - sun goddess who spins sunbeams, Seidr combines releasing the past in the form of an offering set in a contemplative space. 

Seidr: Text
Seidr: Video Player
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