Vintage Globe Hanging Basket

Vintage Globe Hanging Basket

Matches the lamp! How many hanging baskets can say that? One of a kind basket made from the Southern hemisphere. Sold separately so act fast if you want a matching set. Varnished inside so it's water resistant but I recommend using another bowl inside it for plants that need a lot of water or food to protect it.  A fabulously unique focal point, handy as all heck. Your world, in a basket.

*plants not included

  • This stuff is used hey

    To be clear - Globes are from my personal found object collection. They have seen a previous life, have been preloved, and have a history. Probably had a million tiny hands and imaginations dreaming all over it in a classroom.  That's something. But it also means that they are not new, there may be small scratches and signs of wear. THANK YOU FOR BEING COOL WITH THAT.