Bag of clowns (5 pieces)

Bag of clowns (5 pieces)

Yup, they're weird alright. But everyone needs a bag of clowns now and again. 5 pieces per bag, only 2 bags available.  Don't mind the dark spots in the pics, things aren't stained, my camera lense is broken. But keep in mind that most things are found object so they will have flaws, but just like people, that's all part of their charm.

  • This stuff is used hey

    So Just in Case this isn't clear - no exchanges or returns. All items are either from my personal found object collections or handmade by me. Everything has seen a previous life, has been preloved, and has a history. Some bits might be new but expect that you will see marks of use, in the world of assemblage, that's a good thing. There are no substitutions between bags and boxes, I make 'em, I take pictures, and then I pack them up for shipping. You get what you get, but that's half the fun! I pack them with the upmost care to get to you intact but I cannot control everything, because of the nature of the beast and I don't inflate prices to cover returns, items are sold as is, again, no exchanges or returns. THANK YOU FOR BEING SUPER COOL WITH THAT.

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